July13 , 2024

Is Delta 9 Legal In Florida?


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Cannabis has been a part of American culture for many decades. Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws. However, since the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived products, users have found hope – and a good buzz – in products that are federally legal.

Despite the fact that the federal government has legalized hemp, many states still have their own restrictions and bans on the compounds derived from the plant. This includes Delta 9 the main psychoactive component in cannabis. Is Florida one of the states that restrict Delta 9?

Is Delta 9 Legal in Florida?

Yes, in a nutshell. In the Sunshine State, it is legal to possess, use, sell, distribute, and produce Delta 9. Before we look at the legislation in Florida that makes this compound legal, let’s first take a moment to examine the Farm Bill. This federal legislation made hemp-derived cannabis cannabinoids possible in all 50 States.

This piece of legislation legalized hemp at the federal government level. It separated the term “hemp”, from marijuana’s definition, and removed hemp from the list of controlled drugs in the United States. The Farm Bill distinguishes between the two types of cannabis despite the fact that they are both scientifically identical. Marijuana is cannabis plants that contain more than 0.3% of THC by dry weight, while hemp refers to plants with less than 0.3%.

The Farm Bill legalized marijuana but left hemp’s status as a controlled substance illegal intact. This means that hemp is legal at the federal level, but marijuana isn’t. Biden’s administration issued a statement late in 2022, expressing their desire to review the government’s marijuana policy. In the release, Biden’s administration expressed its desire to revisit the government’s stance on marijuana policy.

Biden should, in theory, follow through with his promise of a better and more progressive marijuana policy. For the time being, the only way that Americans can legally enjoy the benefits of cannabis is through hemp-derived compounds.

Let’s Go Back to Florida. Why Is Delta 9 Legal in Florida?

After the Farm Bill passed, Florida passed Senate Bill 1020 a statewide law removing all hemp derivatives, hemp cannabinoids and other compounds from the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act. The law made it legal for anyone to buy any hemp-derived cannabinoids in Florida. This includes delta 9. They must not contain more THC than 0.3%. According to the Florida cannabis information system, Senate Bill 1020 allows residents to “purchase hemp-derived Delta-9 THC products that contain the stipulated Delta-9 THC limits under the 2018 Farm Bill.” In essence, Florida SB 1020 mirrors federal restrictions for hemp-derived cannabinoids.

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